Sharks (13+YRS)

If you're looking for adult swim lessons or lessons for an older beginning swimmer, Sharks was created for you!

Our Sharks class is tailored to meet individual swimming goals. Instructors work one-on-one with students to establish skills ranging from swimming basics (learn-to-swim) to stroke refinement. Please contact our front desk if you have any questions regarding your goals and our class/preferred instructor's availability: (952) 224-4068.

  • Ages: Teens & Adults
  • Class Length: 30 minutes
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 1:1


Tuition: $240 for an 8-week session. (Pricing will differ for 9-/10-week sessions and twice-a-week classes. Sibling discounts apply.)

 Family Membership Fee: $30

Shark Lessons - Call for Availability: (952) 224-4068)