Guppies (Age 6 - 30 mo)

Guppies is a pre-swimming class with a parent or caregiver in the water with their young child enjoying games and structured activities designed to help babies and infants adjust to the water. These classes were designed to give parents bonding time with their children as they become comfortable in the water. Skills include: blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, water safety, and orientation. Parent's will help their babies learn to back-float with the assistance of our trained instructors as part of our emphasis on water safety and orientation.

Note: Occasionally, Guppies will be combined with Jelly Fish. Our student to instructor ratio, however, will not change.

  • Age: 6 months - 30 months
  • Class Length: 30 minutes
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 7:1

*Monthly Tuition*

*Tuition is charged on a monthly basis and will vary based upon the number of classes available in a calendar month. Therefore, the number of classes received in a monthly session will vary depending on the day you choose to attend and correspondingly Total Tuition may go up or down.

Annual Family Membership Fee: $30

1ST CHILD $69 $120.75 $23
2ND CHILD $64 $115.75 $23
3RD + $59 $110.75 $23

  • September Class Schedule:

  • Still looking for August classes? Just give our office a call at (952) 224-4068 and we will be happy to help get you signed up! A new schedule will be posted for October after September 15th.