Group Swim Lesson Tuition, Policies & Procedures

    ***Recommendation for All Ages***

    As specialists in swim instruction we wanted to lay out a realistic idea for parents when registering for swim lessons. As with anything that involves children, the pace at which a child develops skills depends on many factors. Each child is different and learns differently so what works for one student may not be suitable for all students. This is multiplied by the fact that swimming is a complex sport and skills are continuously built on top of past skills. We recommend that all families commit to at least two (2) months of swimming to start. It is easy to set unrealistic expectations and goals regarding the progress of any skill or development for children so we must remember that skills develop gradually and can't be rushed. Just because a student is not advancing to the next level after a single month of lessons does not mean they are not learning.

      In fact, interrupting this gradual learning process often results in the regression of the students skills, which is why we encourage parents to have their swimmers enrolled for as long as possible without any breaks. Taking breaks is the number one culprit of why a student may need to repeat an entire level.

    Group Swim Lesson Tuition, Policies & Procedures

    This section addresses group swim lessons for which we do automatic billing for tuition payments. While we feel that the automated renewal of tuition for classes streamlines the renewal process, many parents do have questions about how it works.

    How Group Lesson Tuition Works

    When you register for the class, we will charge you immediately for the first month of tuition. We will then set you up in our systems to be billed automatically on the 20th of the month regardless of when you registered. We will keep you on autopay until your child moves into a class with a different tuition rate or until you decide to discontinue classes with us. Please note: The monthly tuition rate remains the same whether we cancel classes or not.

    Since tuition is charged on a monthly basis the final price will vary based upon the number of classes available in a calendar month. Therefore, the number of classes received in a monthly session will vary depending on the day you choose to attend. During certain months throughout the year there can be either 4 or 5 lessons in a particular month depending on which day is chosen and the current month. The customer will be charged based on the total number of lessons for their day in any given month.

    Annual Membership Fee

    In addition to your first purchase of group swim lessons or private lessons, you will be charged an annual family membership fee of $30.00. This fee covers each families share of insurance, safety equipment, facility maintenance and other safety related costs. This fee will renew annually on your enrollment anniversary if you continue to take classes with us beyond the year. The annual membership fee is non-refundable.

    Class Changes

    Class time changes are available for a $15.00 class change fee. We need to keep our group lessons stable and changing class days/times disrupts openings available for new customers and current students that need make-up lessons.

    Cancellations, Make-Ups & No-Shows

    Classes may be made up freely twice a month in any other class we have where there is an open spot. Make-ups must be scheduled through the Swim Office. Once a make-up is scheduled it is the responsibility of the parent to make their appointment, as we do not offer make-ups for missed make-ups. Make-ups can be used at any time but are only available to those currently still enrolled. If you have withdrawn from classes any make-ups you have accrued must be scheduled within the current month. If a parent is unable to schedule a make-up, they will be issued an open swim pass for each class that they missed. Private lesson make-ups are available for a nominal fee of $20.00.

    We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule (including cancellations) due to emergencies, weather, maintenance/repairs, and other related instances. In such an event we will contact you by phone or email (provided we have both of these available to us). We will not charge customers for Holidays during which we will be closed and they will resume their lessons the following week. In addition, if we cancel a class with less than 24 hours notice, you will receive a credit worth the full value of the class tuition charge.

    Substitute Instructors

    We reserve the right to substitute instructors temporarily or permanently for any given class at any time.

    Withdrawal from Automatic Tuition Renewal

    Withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing to the Swim Office no later than the 15th of each calendar month. We don't accept withdrawals after this point to ensure that our class schedules remain stable for our customers. Ex. If you sign up for January & February, you must notify us of your request for withdrawal by Feb. 15th if you don't wish to continue classes in March. After a withdrawal request has been made you will finish out the classes for the current month and then will be dropped.