Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each swim lesson?

We offer group swim lessons with multiple class lengths. Class levels Water Babies - Marlins all run for 30 minutes total. Our more advanced classes such as Dolphins (Pre-Team) run for 45 minutes and our most advanced class, Team Orca runs for one (1) full hour.

How many times per week should my child attend lessons?

The more lessons your child attends, the more he/she will learn! If cost is an issue, we recommend that you spread the lessons out over the summer/winter. We recommend at least 2 lessons per week. One week for a child is equivalent to 1 month for adults. They do forget what they have learned if there is too large a space in between lessons. As a result, the instructor will have to spend the first half of the lesson re-teaching the same skills from the prior lessons.

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child progresses and learns differently. Factors such as age and skill also determine how fast a child will develop proficient swim skills. Your instructor will have a more concrete measure of how long it may take to learn to swim. We offer private lessons for one-on-one instruction and semi-private lessons where we pair your child with another student of similar age/skill level.

What age should I start lessons for my child?

Swim lessons can be started at any age! While many families make the mistake of waiting to start swim lessons when the child is in preschool we recommend that lessons begin as soon as possible. We offer baby classes for swimmers as young as 6 months in order to continue babies comfort with the aquatic environment. Not only do swimmers acclimate to the water more quickly, there are a number of health and cognitive benefits. Not only do swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning for all ages, they also have been shown to provide increases in memory capacity, accelerated cognitive and motor development as well as earlier understanding of important social skills and interaction.

What is your policy for cancelling classes?

You may cancel/withdraw from classes ONLY a.) before a new month starts or b.) by submitting a withdrawal request to the Swim Office by the 15th of the month (if you don't wish to continue the following month). We will not issue refunds after a new month has started.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a class please get in touch with the Front Desk. One of our Office representatives will help you look for an opening in another class of the same level to use for your make-up. Make-up classes are only available to members that are currently enrolled and MUST be used within 45 days of the missed lesson. Members who are withdrawing from classes and won't continue to the next month's session must use their make-ups in the current month. If a member is unable to schedule a make-up, they will be issued free open swim passes for the number of lessons that they missed. NOTE: There are no make-ups for missed make-ups.