Beyond Water Safety

Since water safety is an integral part of all swim lessons regardless of level or experience. Atlantis Swim Academy has decided to not only incorporate these skills into our lesson plans but to emphasize water safety and survival throughout the school year. Every three (3) months we will have Water Safety Week where we will make water safety and survival the main focus for swim lessons. Water Safety Week engages children by using real world examples/scenarios to test and implement their safety skills.

Skills Tested / Emphasized Include:

  • Accidental/Sudden fall into a body of water while in normal clothes.
  • Proper Boating Safety (life jackets & whistles)
  • Boating/Canoe accident survival (capsizing or flipping)
  • Swimming Underwater WITHOUT Goggles
  • Safety Precautions before entering ANY body of water

These skills are important for any swimmer, regardless of age or experience and are an integral part of the safety and proficiency we strive to instill in all of our students!

Next Water Safety Week: The Week of October 22nd, 2017, See you Then!