Our Philosophy

We love what we do & it shows! Our school was created to teach children & beginning swimmers how to swim while enjoying the water and creating fun memories. We are committed to providing an extraordinary swim experience in a child friendly and smile-inducing environment.

Swimming is an important life skill...especially in the land of 10,000 lakes! But this doesn't mean water safety and learning to swim can't be FUN! Our curriculum is based on a tried and tested swim program created in New Zealand that focuses on progressive swim lesson plans and activities that create and strengthen the basic swimming skills we all need to safely enjoy the water.

The Academy Difference

"Academy" comes from the ancient Latin "acadēmīa" meaning a school offering specialized training in a specific skill or area of study. ASA's highly skilled and certified instructors evolve our swimmers from water acclimation to swimming proficiency to skill mastery. No two students are the same; they all learn differently and at different speeds. This is why our program focuses on each individual student and their skills, which allows us to move our students up based on their achievements and skills, not their age.