Star Fish (Age 30+ MO.)

For beginning swimmers who are ready to work without a parent/caregiver in the water. Our beginner children's swim lessons are broken into two categories:

Beginner Star Fish was designed for total beginners and those not comfortable with the water. Classes will introduce basic water safety & orientation, voluntary water submersion, and assisted front/back floats, kicking, and breath control. These swim lessons lay the foundation of a strong swimmer and prepare our students to continue adding the building blocks of proper swim and water safety.

Advanced Star Fish was designed for beginners comfortable with the water who have passed skills tests for the Beginner Star Fish level. These classes will move our swimmers towards more independence and stronger swim skills like unassisted front/back floats, even more breath control, unassisted kicks and dog paddle. Once students have mastered the Advanced Star Fish level, they should be able to swim 5 feet unassisted, float on their tummies and backs,  hold their breath 5-10 seconds and have the proper building blocks that future swim stroke/technique can be built upon.

Prerequisites: Children must be able to participate in the class without a parent, follow instructions, and be able to sit on the safety steps while awaiting their turn.

Program Details & Pricing
  • Age: 2 1/2 + years 
  • Class Length: 30 minutes
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 4:1
  • Monthly Tuition: $79 for 4 weeks (higher tuition for months with 5 weeks)

Multi-Day & Student Tuition
1ST CHILD $79 $138.25 $25
2ND CHILD $74 $133.25 $24
3RD + $69 $128.25 $23

  • January Class Schedule:

An updated schedule for February enrollment will be Posted after Jan.15