Sea Horses (Age 4+ Years)

Lessons introduce lifesaving skills, rhythmic breathing in connection with arm technique and continuous kicking (front crawl), front & back gliding, and deep water orientation. These swim classes are broken into TWO categories:

Beginner Sea Horse: These classes are highlighted by lifesaving skills and an introduction to balanced swim stroke technique and form. We introduce front float to back float rolling, proper kick technique and form, front & back glide as well as the sitting dive and nose bubbles for improved breath control. These skills are the foundation of their future swim stroke development so it is our goal to ensure that all students master them before continuing on to higher levels.

Advanced Sea Horse: Students that are able to master the skills of Beginner Sea Horse are ready to move on in their swim stroke development training. These classes introduce and emphasize proper stroke development that is necessary for a strong and safe swimmer. Skills taught include elementary free style arms, freestyle breathing, breaststroke arms and elementary back crawl. These skills not only prepare swimmers to be in the water safely and independently but set the swim stroke foundation for swimmers looking to move forward into higher levels.

Prerequisites:  Pass Star Fish or demonstrate the required skills from that class.

Program Details & Pricing
  • Age: 4+ years 
  • Class Length: 30 minutes
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 4:1
  • Monthly Tuition: $79 for 4 weeks (higher tuition for months with 5 weeks) 

Multi-Day & Student Tuition
1ST CHILD $79 $138.25 $25
2ND CHILD $74 $133.25 $24
3RD + $69 $128.25 $23

  • January Class Schedule:

An updated schedule for February enrollment will be Posted after Jan.15

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